The microchip is the BEST way to prove the identity of a pet...and to get him home fast if he is ever lost.  Over 20 million pets are lost every year.  Microchip protection almost guarantees that the pet will not be euthanized or put up for adoption if he is taken into a shelter. 

                                              WE USE AKC REUNITE MICROCHIPS

                                                 All microchips come with a collar tag!!

AKC Reunite Pet Microchips


Shelters, vets, and rescue teams scan for microchips. If ever lost, your puppy can find his way home to you when his number is scanned and the Call Center is alerted. Operators are standing by 24 hours a day to help reunite you and your pet.

We are proud to offer you this service as part of our Standard of Care.

 One in three pets will become lost during its lifetime.  According to the American Humane Association only about 17% of lost dogs ever find their way back home.  Give your pet a better chance at returning home and microchip them!!

The microchip is included, free of charge with your puppy and there is a one time fee of $17.50 to register the chip in your name.

The website to register your puppy's microchip is


AKC Reunite Pet Microchips