The Boxer is a hearing guard dog, ever alert to protect his family but tolerant of any stranger once he knows there is no danger.  He is a happy, exuberant dog who delights in children and is eager to play long after he has left puppyhood behind.  The mood-mirroring quality of his expression and his overall sweet nature have endeared him to generations of Boxer owners.  He is a natural show-off, and many Boxers excel at Conformation, Agility, and Obedience events held in conjunction with AKC shows.  The well trained boxer is a glorious sight to behold. (AKC)

 The Boxer's most notable characteristic is his desire for human affection.  The Boxer is happiest when he is with people-especially children.  He is truly a "dog for all seasons," suiting the need for household guardian, attractive companion, playmate and loyal friend!!  (AKC)