The Boston Terrier is truly an "All American" dog.  He is often referred to as "The American Gentleman," and it has been said that "There is no better dog-no greater companion" than the Boston Terrier.  Many adjuctives have been used to describe this little dog; the Boston has been called: lively, affectionate, delightful, intelligent, stylish, sturdy, handsome, elegant, loving, loyal, and most of all-an extraordinary companion dog.  An AKC article describing the Boston Terrier says, "He's as full of fun as a baseball game and as lovable as a Teddy Bear.  He's as reliable as a Chevrolet and low-maintenance as a pair of blue jeans.  He's as friendly as a cowboy, he's always well dressed and usually well-mannered." (AKC)

"Bostons are usually described as near-perfect companions; friendly, affectionate, gentle with children and other animals, playful, comical, lively and intelligent, clean and easy to train.  Bostons live for their owners; they are eager to please and prefer to be right by their owner's side at all times." (AKC)